Why are some politicians also among the richest celebrities?

richest celebrities

There are many reasons why this is the case. There are far too many, so much so that we cannot tell you everything there is to know about why some of the world’s politicians are among the richest celebrities in the world today. If you are really curious about how much your favorite politicians are making these days, that’s something you can find out in your own time. All you need to do is just go to the internet and type in your local politician’s name. Nine times out of ten, you are going to find some encyclopedic and biographical information on your members of Parliament or House of Congress.

For the cynics out there, you will always find the juicy bits and pieces too. It seems to be a modern trait of our human nature. We all want to know the scandals and how the politicians got to be so dirty. Indeed, this is how a lot of politicians got to be so rich in the first place. They’ve been greasing their palms for many years giving big business companies sweet entries into lucrative deals that so-called lesser men and women can’t seem to get near. These politicians also seem to need to rely on their funders, legal or not, come election time.

Raising public awareness of their campaigns costs millions. It is no longer a case of traveling from town to town on the back of a truck blaring out through a fog horn why folks should vote for them. Politicians, you could just say, are the consummate dealmakers. They have to be in order to survive in their jobs and to get things done. It’s for our good too. But granted, not all the legislative deals go in our favor. Heck, one of the world’s famous dealmakers is in the White House today. No, he’s not visiting. He’s like actually the president.

If it wasn’t for him and a great many others, many of us would not have the jobs we have or have great opportunities today to start up our own companies. Here is our chance to become rich and famous. Many are getting this right too. In fact, almost overnight, there have been new, previously unheard of, entrants to the lists of richest billionaires. These are the great innovators of our time. They had a unique idea and sold it to the world, the politicians too. They are also pretty good dealmakers. They had to be; otherwise their great innovations would never have made it to the boardroom.

Thanks to them, they’ve been able to make many others rich too, politicians too, of course. Today we can all go to the stock markets and purchase shares in their companies. Yes, it costs a fortune, but it’s not impossible to do. Just have a chat with your certified financial planner and he’ll show you how. Or have a chat with your local politician and he’ll show you how too.

This article was written by fliud.